Thursday, May 29, 2008

On door-bouncers

We often put Reuben in a door-bouncer in the mornings so we can have a few moments without one of us having to hold him. In the past two weeks of packing this time has become increasingly precious as we labour to box up our possessions and shift into a nomadic state of existence.

It struck me yesterday that we, as a family, are being put though a similar experience to little Reuben's: we are suspended, between one room and the next. We can make plenty of noise and bounce up and down, but can't go anywhere. However we are safe, we do have the attention of the One who Watches, and we know that we will be swept up in HIs embrace before too long... but for now we'll just bounce.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

May days

A quick pic round-up for you:

Tree-felling - 2

On the first May bank holiday, Nic and I helped out in clearing Uncle David's back-garden. Lots of chopping, shredding, lopping of limbs, sawing and chain-sawing.


This critter was bold enough to slither onto our butter dish whilst we were eating a barbeque.


We had a lovely day out with Charlie and Juliet at Hanbury Hall; after lunch we gave Reuben an opportunity to rest in his pram, but for some reason all he wanted to do was wave his feet around...


He's now eating 'solid' food quite happily, although we're not convinced he derives any nutritional value from whatever passes (fairly quickly) through his system. But eating is a fun, and social, affair, and we all enjoy the event.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Photo update

Last Thursday, Reuben met his Grandpop for the first time:

Reuben and Grandpop - 2

Last week, we had our first barbeque of the year (on my birthday bbq):

Dinner Spread

Last weekend, our God-daughter Taya, celebrated her third birthday (don't worry, she was excited when the cake and presents arrived!):

Taya's party - 4